First class rail travel options between Birmingham New Street and London Euston
penny-pinchers guide to travel on Virgin Train services updated 31st December 2011
Please note that as from September 2013 this site is dormant. Virgin Trains from Birmingham New Street to London Euston: penny pinchers guide to walk-on fares from Monday 2nd January 2012

Travelling Off-Peak Monday to Friday? Split your First Class Fare at Birmingham International and save £34.30 each way (£3.70 + £89). Off-Peak tickets are valid on the 0540 and 0600 then 1020 onwards from International (0529 and 0550, then 1010 onwards from New Street) - the two early trains and the tea-time trains include meals. From Euston, the ticket is valid from 0943 to 1443, then from 1903 onwards.

Railcard discounts: 16-25 Railcard - discounts apply to Virgin Business Return Tickets from Birmingham International; Disabled Adult Railcard - discounts apply to all Anytime Tickets; HM Forces Railcard - discounts apply to all Anytime Tickets; Senior Railcard - discounts apply to all Anytime Tickets.

If you are travelling there and back (but see above for off-peak travel)
* split the fare at Coventry: £7.40 + £228 = £235.40 (all trains except 0730 from Birmingham)
** save more if you can travel on trains calling at Rugby: £16.80 + £194 = £210.80
(from New Street 0529 then hourly from 0750 until 20.50, 2210, 2310; from Euston hourly 0603 to 2103, 2230)
*** save even more by travelling on trains calling at Milton Keynes: £144 + £48 = £192
(from New Street 0529, 0550, 0610, then hourly from 0830 until 1930, 2010, 2110, 2210; from Euston hourly 0643 to 1543, 1843, 1943, 2043, 2103, 2143, 2230, 2330)

REMEMBER to book these 'split-fares' at a booking office before boarding the train - you cannot be refused them by the booking clerk. Some of the elements may be Day Returns so CHECK before using split fares for overnight stays.

Travelling at the weekend or on a bank holiday? Use my guide to Weekend First upgrades.

From Friday 13th August, representatives of charities registered with will be able to get a 20% discount on Advance tickets